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A Brief Look at Miniature Golf and MGI

Throughout the years fads have come and gone. Miniature Golf which originated in the 1920's, has withstood the elements of time and has grown to unprecedented heights.

The last few years have been unbelievable for miniature golf course Operators. People have been looking for less expensive forms of recreational activity, and miniature golf is perfect ! It is one of the few activities left that the entire family can do together and enjoy.

Mini-Golf, Inc. is a family run operation. It's owners, Joseph C. Rogari and Joseph J. Buckshon, have been in the miniature golf course industry since 1955. Almost every aspect of the pre-fabricated miniature golf course industry was personally designed and tested by the owners of Mini-Golf, Inc. They also have hands on experience in managing miniature golf courses. Joseph C. Rogari even owned his own miniature golf course at one time. In 1973, Joseph J. Rogari and Joseph Buckshon, Jr. were introduced to the miniature golf industry. They have all been involved in every facet of the industry, including manufacturing, layouts, designing new obstacles, delivering courses, and conducting major miniature golf tournaments.

MINI-GOLF, INC. IS THE ONLY COMPANY THAT SPECIALIZES EXCLUSIVELY IN PRE-FABRICATED INDOOR OR OUTDOOR MINIATURE GOLF DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION. This fact along with their personalized innovative approach and excellent service has enabled them to become the largest manufacturer or pre-fabricated miniature golf courses in the world today.

Whether you are a potential customer or current Operator, you can expect great service before, during, and after the installation of your miniature golf course. Mini-Golf, Inc. customers come from all walks of life including campgrounds, resorts, driving ranges, batting cages, ice cream stands, shopping malls, and indoor fun centers, just to name a few.

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